Riley Scooters

Riley Scooters emerged as a notable player in the electric mobility sector, offering an innovative solution to urban transportation challenges. This is an electric scooter which caters to the masses; commute and ride in style.

Known for their sleek design, durability, and user-friendly interface, Riley Scooters have gained popularity among commuters seeking an eco-friendly alternative to traditional vehicles. 

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Web Design for Riley Scooters

Designing a website for Riley Scooters required a strategic approach to effectively communicate the brand’s value proposition and sell their electric scooters to a broad audience.

The website needed to be visually appealing, with high-quality images and videos showcasing the innovative design, making visitors instantly grasp the premium nature of the product.

website and user experience design for electric scooter

The Web Design Approach

User experience was paramount; the site was structured for easy navigation, allowing potential customers to effortlessly find information on scooter models, specifications, and pricing. Interactive elements, such as a custom scooter builder or a virtual test ride feature, engaged users, providing a personalised experience. 

To build trust and drive sales, the website included customer testimonials, safety certifications, and clear comparisons with traditional transportation methods, highlighting the scooters’ eco-friendliness, cost-effectiveness, and convenience. A seamless checkout process, with various payment options and detailed delivery information, ensured that once convinced of the value, customers could easily make a purchase. 

Visual elements were pivotal in maintaining the site’s playful vibe. We opted for bright colours, engaging graphics, and lively imagery of babies using the Spuni spoon. These elements were carefully placed throughout the site to reflect the joy and simplicity the product brings to mealtime.

app design for electric scooter brand

What we did

Website Design
App UI

“Orbit helped to revolutionise our brand and make Riley Scooters accessible to the masses! I am blown away by how our sales have sky-rocketed since our website and app has taken off with Orbit.”

Hayden Riley | Founder of Riley Scooters

The App Design

We brought Riley Scooters’ vision to life through a mobile app that featured a revolutionary digital cockpit. This innovative feature provided riders with real-time ride details, trip history tracking, interactive maps, and even control over their music. The app elevated the riding experience, offering a personalized and technologically advanced journey for Riley Scooters’ customers.

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