Spuni is an ergonomically shaped baby spoon designed to make feeding easier. Its patented ridge naturally encourages babies to swallow food from the spoon, offering them a more manageable portion with each bite.

Made from the same material used for dummies, the outer layer is very gentle on a baby’s sensitive gums. Spuni comes in various playful colours and relies on medically tested, certified material.


Spuni Web Design

Spuni approached our web development agency with a clear vision: to create a website that mirrored the simplicity and innovation of their patented baby spoon.

They wanted an online platform that not only communicated the unique benefits of their product but also captured the playful and inviting essence that distinguishes Spuni in the competitive baby product market.

The Web Design Approach

Our strategy centred on a minimalist design approach, focusing on a clean layout that facilitated ease of navigation and quick access to crucial information. We aimed to detail the ergonomic design benefits, the spoon’s role in easing a baby’s transition to solid foods, and the scientific underpinnings of its shape for efficient feeding.

Visual elements were pivotal in maintaining the site’s playful vibe. We opted for bright colours, engaging graphics, and lively imagery of babies using the Spuni spoon. These elements were carefully placed throughout the site to reflect the joy and simplicity the product brings to mealtime.

Interactive features such as video demonstrations and customer testimonials were integrated to provide a dynamic user experience. These elements were designed to build trust with potential customers by showcasing the spoon in action and highlighting positive feedback from satisfied parents.

What we did

Website Design

“Working with Orbit on our website redesign was a great experience. The team perfectly captured the playful yet innovative essence of our brand, delivering a site that’s not only visually stunning but also incredibly user-friendly. Orbit’s professionalism and creativity have made them an invaluable partner, and we look forward to future collaborations.”

Marcel botha | Founder at spuni

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